Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why Iran is Villified

Since the 1979 revolution in Iran, the IRI, became a thorn in the sides of imperialists and Zionists alike. Although, the threats posed by Iran are purely manufactured in discourse and are not based in politics or history.

Iran has not attacked another country in more than a hundred years. Even during the Iraq-Iran war, it was Iraq that attacked Iran. Saddam's forces invaded Iran; armed, supported and encouraged to do so by the US. Iran has been a peaceful nation and is a signatory to the Non Proliferation Treaty, (NPT).

Whilst the Zion State never signed the NPT and continue to refuse oversight by International Atomic Energy watch groups, e.g., (IAEA), of its nuclear assets. Israel has never confirmed nor denied the existence of its nuclear arsenal. Why isn't the US and EU calling for sanctions against Israel, but instead are headhunting Iran - a signatory to the NPT?

Nevertheless, Israel's nuclear arsenal was documented approximately, 25 years ago by a nuclear scientist who worked at Dimona. Invariably, France, the US and others are aware of Israeli fissile bombs through intelligence agencies. Moreover, there have been dozens of books written on the subject. The fact that Israel has 300 nuclear weapons is information in the public domain. Furthermore, Israel has stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons at its disposal.

Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli (a Jew) of Moroccan origin, alerted the world to Israeli nuclear proliferation through Australian and British newspapers by submitting documentary and photo evidence. Mr. Vanunu left Israel thereafter to live abroad, but was lured by a female Mossad agent, kidnapped and brought back to Israel to stand trial. He received a 22 year sentence for enlightening the world about the Israeli nuclear threat.

France helped Israel build its heavy water reactors and was instrumental in their civilian and military nuclear program. France was a military ally of Israel throughout the first decades of Israeli existence -- supplanted by an Israelo-US pact in the late 60s early 70s.

It's not an Islamic bomb per se that the Zionists are afraid of, Pakistan has had the bomb since the mid 1980s. Note that Pakistan doesn't formally, recognize Israel nor exchange Charge D'affaires - however, under the Musharraf-Bush "war on terror" Pact Israeli forces have worked with Pakistan. This also took place during the Reagan effort in Afghanistan against the Soviets - Israel was used as a third party arms supplier as well as in other functions.

While Iran advocates for Palestinian rights official Pakistani voices are forcefully, pronounced or are muted - this is the differentiating factor between the threat posed by Iran [non nuclear Islamic State] and Pakistan [nuclear Islamic State].

The Israelis are concerned that an eventual Iranian bomb would severely, limit their ability to frustrate Palestinian and neighboring states' efforts to regain occupied land. The Zionist even see civilian nuclear technology as a threat under this paradigm of keeping the neighborhood subservient.

The Zionist dream of "EretzYsrael" or greater Israel lives on in the hearts of the Zionist Israeli elite and is manifested in their policies in the region. The goal to regain all the lands the marauding Jewish hordes stole, murdered and plundered for thousands of years ago remains alive. I guess the Zionist view is - we [at least people who also called themselves Judea whence] stole it then so we can steal it again.

This was the precise reason for Israeli-led bombings of Libyan and Iraqi nuclear facilities. As long as Israel has the nuclear hammer over the heads of the Arab states it can stall diplomatic efforts to settle within an internationally recognized and defined border.

[Well, having the US wielding vetoes on behalf of Israel in the UNSC like an Israeli waving a flag on Independence Day doesn't hurt either] The Israelis do not want peace in the middle east, they have sought only pieces of neighboring states.


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