Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Operation Midwife & birthpangs of democracy a sordid rape of Lebanon

The USA calls Lebanon's suffering "Birth pangs" i.e., the pain that a mother suffers when she is giving birth. While President Bush, UN Ambassador Bolton, Secretary of State Rice, Sec Rumsfeld and other US officials, including the US Congress are urging Israel on and sending laser guided missiles, jet fuel and other reinforcement in weaponry to forge the Israeli destruction of Lebanon. So I guess the contention is that Lebanon must suffer pain for the baby they have so conveniently, planned for her? Does Lebanon want this
illegitimate baby? I think not.

But let me also ask, must Lebanon suffer this birth pain from rapists that are attempting to impregnate her repeatedly, (thousands or sorties entered the womb of Lebanon in the past 2 weeks) with huge missiles slamming her to bear this unwanted child, a democracy from abroad? This is even more absurd when we consider that Lebanon just had a beautiful child of patriotism and democracy in March of last year. The Bush administration said so itself when refering to the Cedar Revolution. In fact, Lebanon is one the rare successful endeavors the Bush administration supported in the Middle East, unlike its debacles elsewhere.

Ostensibly, the US and Israel are partners in this gang rape of Lebanon. Israel calls the pain it is causing, this rape of Lebanon, "Operation Clean Break." While Sec. Rice is supposed to be diplomatic midwife supposed to care not destroy, nurture not maim, bring life not the death hundreds, the wounding of thousands and leaving a million Lebanese homeless and destitute--It is against the Hippocratic Oath to destroy life Ms. Midwife.

Israel in the geopolitical role of provider, stabilizer and protector of the region becomes bully. No, my friends, Israel's role is not benign. Israel is a rapist and nothing more in this scenario. Secretary Rice calls the devastating pain and screams of mother Lebanon "birth pangs of Democracy." Is it a coincidence that both Israel and the US prepared for this invasion a year ago and continue to oppose a cease fire despite these horrids deaths?

President Bush is continually shaking his head, mumbling incoherently and urging the carnage and criminal destruction of Lebanon on and on. Yet, he indignantly, offers Lebanon "humanitarian aid." Well, wham bang thank you Maam. How does Mr. Bush manage the contradictions between supporting the bombardment of civilians and their infrastructure while at the same time continuing to arm Israel with offering Lebanon "humanitarina aid?"

President Bush maintains it is still too, early to stop killing the Lebanese people, still early to stop the bombing raids and "conditions" are not yet correct on the ground to have a cease-fire. Is it his opinion that the current time is perfect for the death of the Lebanese people? Lebanon should not accept this BLOOD GIFT, this tainted insult, this so-called humanitarian aid from the US government.

Reject it, the shame of it is categorically, unacceptable. If President Bush is having pangs of conscience, he should consult his minister and his God. A gift of blood and shame will not suffice to mitigate his complicity in these war crimes. However, if the American people choose to send direct aid to Lebanon, bypassing President Bush and his ilk that would signify a genuine and caring response to this tragedy and would be appreciated by God and Lebanon.



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