Tuesday, August 01, 2006


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ILLNESS BEFALLS CASTRO age 80 -- Raoul age 75, takes over

For the first time in 50 years, Cuban President Fidel Castro has been forced to hand over power -- at least temporarily -- to his 75-year-old brother, Raul, after undergoing intestinal surgery. Fidel Castro is seeing some dark hours at the moment. I send out all my positive energy toward him and imbue incessant prayers on his behalf.

I just don't want to cry again in honor of another fallen hero, alas Castro would have earned every drop and each sob. Even though, I'm certain the journey never ends just as in this beginning and so unto that end. Nevertheless, last time, when Arafat fell suddenly and unexpectedly, I was politically, emotionally and spiritually affected by the sad news. I was crushed and cried like a baby.

Some analysts have claimed that Arafat was too, flamboyant and too ineffective as a manager both administratively and as a commander of the armed wing. History though, will show that he led the way for the coming 4th generation asymmetrical warriors of the subnationlist genre. The record will point out that his steadfastness is the foundation from which the challenging the oppressors of his people stem. Once they stop throwing stones and learn to fire sophisticated weapons the tide will change.

Castro has been HUGE!!! His social programs in the Caribbean nation has surpassed those implemented by the richest country in the world. The party's impetus in critical social infrastructure such as health care and education are unparalled. This clearly shows what representatives of the people can accomplish when their own self interest is not the primary objective.

Peace and Health to you Fidel Castro, both on this plane and on the next journey -- your atoms are sacred.

One love


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