Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel KABOOMS UN Post 4 Pulvarized

http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANS.../28/ ltm.02.html

Now, Dan Gillerman, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, was talking about this possible international force that they want to put in Southern Lebanon to make sure Hezbollah does not have control of that area in the future. And he said that the United Nations would have to have something better equipped and more able to fight than UNIFIL, which has been there since '78 and has not been able to engage in battle with Hezbollah and has not succeeded, in many people's eyes.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman said that regarding the Israeli air strikes which killed four U.N. workers at an outpost in Southern Lebanon, that Israel itself could do the investigation, there was no need for the U.N. to get involved.
Can you see the absurdity of this comment and the underlying dubious implications therein. Why would the UN leave it to Israel to investigate their own killings? The UN has said that there were no less than 10 different requests by the UN team murdered by the Israelis prior to the fatal Air Force missiles that destroyed the clearly marked building and the 4 UN observers inside--This building is well known to the Israelis. They probably have satellite computer read out of every building and outhouse in Lebanon.

DAN GILLERMAN, ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO U.N.: "Israel is conducting its own investigation. Israel is a country of the rule of law. Israel's judicial system is highly replaced all over the world. Israel has carried out investigations with great integrity in the past and does not need anyone to share in this investigation. However, because U.N. personnel was involved, we would, of course, welcome any input from the United Nations and will seriously take it into account."

What were the motives of bombing that particular UN observer post and the other attacks on the UNin Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon? Is Israel sending a signal to the UN and other potential nations that are thinking of deploying troops on the border or otherwise getting involved in a cease-fire or peace-keeping mission to think a little harder? A few countries have already pulled out their contingents from the UNIFIL mandate in Lebanon. Besides, Israel is looking for a coalition of the willing to enable disarming of Hizballah not a force that stinking wants peace.



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