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African Slumber, Muslim Nightmare and the Dream of Empire

Left: The current Darfur conflict dates back to 2003, when rebel groups including the Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA) took up arms against Sudanese government forces. However, the onset of the Darfur problems go back hundreds if not thousands of years.

The pride of a continent, Africa's gifts to the world. From music through literature to politics and science, men and women who have battled tough upbringings are now leaders in their fields.

Be as it may, the accumulated "gifts" from Africa remain a taboo in many circles of elite discourse. The truth of the matter is, the sources of the plight of Africa is the sister of the Zionist elephant in the room however, the topic is draped with an opaque shape-shifting curtain of lies.
Western policy is in near despair over Darfur and governments are turning to Russia and China to see if they can put pressure on the Sudanese government to accept a UN peacekeeping force.
The Arab Janjaweed militias have attacked black Africans from the Fur, Massaleet and Zagawa ethnic groups with a ruthlessness that has not been seen in the region for some time, report aid agencies and the refugees themselves.
Left: Janjaweed-militia often fight on horseback, or use camels
They have killed, raped, maimed, looted and burned down tens of thousands of village homes. It has been estimated that 400,000 have been killed and nearly 3 million people displaced to neighboring States or internal refugee camps.
Left: 2.8 million people in Darfur have been displaced to neigh- boring States or internal refugee camps.

The Janjaweed are vestiges of the private militias that used to protect the slave routes heading north and ultimately, to Europe. Darfur represents a seminal manifestation of an age long disparity of economic and human rights - the problems did not suddenly, appear 3 years ago when the Darfur rebels took up arms.

Left: African Slave Trade circa, 1450

Consider this economic dynamic in the potent exposé of human traffic in the West by Louisa Waugh's Selling Olga, which investigates seething facets of slave culture across Europe alive today. Therefore, simplistic condemnations only obscures the complex nature of slavery and how it has imbued itself in many aspects of modern life both, western and eastern.
The annual profit of traffickers bringing sex workers into Western Europe is estimated at $5bn to $7bn. That doesn't include money made once these women are prostituted and resold. Beaten, degraded, gang-raped, they are sometimes literally worked to death.
Left: Interesting to note how the "war of civilizations," aka., "the war on terror," is framed in a Suffragette discourse. Islamic misogyny is balanced against a supposed fully fledged freedom enjoyed by women in western culture and the world is asked to choose which system is best. Whereas, Muslims are almost exclusively presented in a macho masculine lexicon - devoid of women, children and loving relationships in the Islamic world.

Wherein, slippery slope examples such as stoning, honor killings, arranged marriages, acid attacks on school age girls, etc., are portrayed as insular representations of an entire complex and diverse culture of a quarter of the World, i.e., Islam.

No where in this propaganda are a comparative inquiry of existent archaic ills of western culture explored; exemplified in prostution, single familes, divorce rates, inequity, violence against women, etc. Then again, this calculated moral relativism would fall by the way side if such introspection were included in the disinformation project.

Olena Popik was pimped across five countries in three years. This 21-year-old Ukrainian was still being rented out at Bosnian truck stops while dying from Aids.
Left: Suffragette aspirations reduced to a formal social freedom to model a revealing bikini

Nevertheless, simple is ample and is exemplified by this WaPo entry aptly framed as, "Arab Genocide, Arab Silence"

What responsibility do Arabs have to stop genocide being committed by Arabs?
Genocide in the Darfur region of western Sudan, inflicted on mostly Muslim African tribes people by the nomadic Arab militias called Janjaweed with the enthusiastic assistance of the Arab-dominated Sudanese government, has been going on for over three years now. In response, nations from western and central Africa have sent peacekeeping troops.
Left: African Union Forces in Darfur
While, various Western countries, including the United States, have pledged many millions of dollars in aid. Western diplomats led by Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick have worked feverishly to stop the massacres, rapes and forced relocation that the Sudanese government has employed as its weapons of choice.
Absent from the picture have been the other Arab states. This is exceedingly strange, and not just because most of Darfur's victims are Muslims. Darfur is thousands of miles away from any of the Western countries trying to stop the genocide there; even the African nations sending peacekeepers are remote. Meanwhile, Egypt, with a huge army, a modern air force and more contacts within Sudan than every Western country combined, has looked on while as many as 400,000 people have been slaughtered just beyond its southern border and has, in effect, done nothing.
The writer concludes by stating that the situation is exceedingly fragile and preventing genocide by Arabs in Darfur from continuing "is a task for the civilized world, one in which the Arab countries need to join."

Left: Humnan emotional mourning, hoping and praying in expressive yearnings they are Muslims

Nowhere is the hundreds of years of European slavery mentioned nor the subservient role Arabs played in that system. Neither, are the hundreds of thousands of Arabs killed in the past 15 years because of ill-advised policies emanating from the West considered as variants of genocide. Again, focusing on particular atrocities that happen to occur in Muslim areas, whether the West is complicit or not only, serve as a mechanism to shift focus from the problem as a whole. This roundabout discourse of prioritization necessarily, prevent viable prescriptions from even reaching the stage of discussion.

Left: Mullahs, Sayyed, Imans, etc., become mere inciters of violence, whereas Priest, Preachers and Rabbis are moral and spiritual leaders

Meanwhile others frame Darfur and the larger African depression as an ongoing encroachment by Semites on the peoples of Africa. The claim states that when one looks at a map of the world and sees Sudan, Somalia and a number of Black nations are suddenly, classified as "Arab," in a wholesale swallowing of African lands, extermination of African people, enslavement and destroying of African men, women and children, and imposing of non-African religions and culture that is totally against African traditions.
The claim being asserted is that Arab and other Semites continue the extermination of Black Africans in order to depopulate the continent of Blacks and occupy it, as Arabs have done in Northern Africa. An ancient and outrageous war of genocide against Blacks, which began with the invasion of Nubia by the Arab-Berber armies during the 600s AD. a thousand years before the European onslaught.
Many such apologetic and incomplete analysis of the ills of Africa in the West are quick to point out that Islam still practices and endorses slavery without a word to the malaise in the West. Africans are often complementarily, blamed for their continued state of deprivation without placing this dire affair in the global context of slavery, empire and colonialism. These purveyors of the civilizing effect of Western contact with Africa buttress this obfuscation by insisting that fortunately, the good Christian colonists ultimately, forbade the evil practice but, sneaky Islamo-Fascists kept the whole evil system going to date.

The situation in Sudan especially, Darfur has recently, served in this obscure role of guiding blame elsewhere. Islam is therefore, vilified through a process of transference wherein, Africans, whether they be Islamic, Christian or otherwise, their woes are blamed on Islam wherever possible.

The West is now, crying out to save Darfur whereas, reaction of elites in the West was muted when millions of Africans were being slaughtered in the genocide of the Congo and Rwanda. The striking difference of course being that the "Darfuri" are Muslims and so are the government and the Janjaweed. Therefore, the Muslim factor represents quite a convenient opportunity in the lexicon of the "war on terror" to color the enemy in an appropriate light.

Left: Precisely, because these are masked Muslims, Westerners normally, internalize such images of militants with a view of

Also, notice how Saddam Hussein's trial grabs headlines such as "genocide trial." The case is being adjudicated in a zoo-like setting not at the Hague or a proper international Court, but instead under a nonexistent Iraqi sovereignty. The ousted president and six others are on trial for the Operation Anfal crackdown on Kurdish rebels in the late 1980s. The prosecution claims about 180,000 people, mostly civilians, were killed. Another case of those bad Muslims killing other Muslims. The inescapable point here is: "How are we, who not even being Muslims, supposed to be safe from their madness when other Muslims are routinely facing genocide from them?" The same dynamism can be invoked about the sectarian violence currently, unfolding in Iraq today.

Left: Islamic jihad - in the 'war on terror' Islam and Jihad are both equated with terrorism without a nexus to stories, lives or world views being experienced by 'the other,' i.e., the viewer at a conscious level

The poignant point here is that half truths make the best propaganda tools precisely, because they are founded on a measure of certitude, which ultimately, defaces and circumvents the underlying facts.

The reality of the matter is Europe having moved into a new genre of economic exploitation of Africa and the "new world" surreptitiously, decreed the practice of slavery an affront to humanity. Nevertheless, the scourge remains in places like Mauritania, Sudan and elsewhere. But, the prolonged life of slavery was directly, linked to the colonial superstructure whose headquarters were in Europe. The condominium administrative approach of conquered Islamic areas by Europe permitted the slave system to continue unhindered. The preferred imperial means of maintaining order in their colonies was to encourage established elites to maintain their social positions as long as the empire received its justly desserts.

Left: Glass, Steel and frills but dare to feel and never bow to a toe or heel nor answer to a call of 'heal'

The singling out of Islam in the traffic of humans signals hypocrisy precisely, because the practice is widely, known not to have been limited to Islam. Unfortunately, Africans have served a vital economic role in imperial designs through subjugation, enslavement and colonialization. However, the world's gain through this millennia holocaust is in fact endemic to Africa's social epidemics.

Generations of Africans [mostly, the young and strong, a brain-drain if you will] have been expunged through slavery whereas, the institution served as the main facilitating force for innovation, population growth and social mobility for perpetrators of this tragedy.

Jewish, Christian, Muslims and other groups even Black Africans themselves were inextricably, tied to the most lucrative business of their day.

Christian Europe [as mentioned below, other groups were also involved, e.g., Jews and Arabs] however, radically, revamped the age old institution of slavery, taking the practice to unchartered chattel heights. Christendom was able to sustain entire continents in the 'new world' and itself through the slave system. For half a millennium, Christians enlisted Jewish and Islamic subcontractors in the venture.

Although, many have accused Jews in this advanced form of slavery as the main insurers and bankers, the fact remains that evidence is sparse and where the charge proves applicable it only aims to adjust culpability. Moreover, the system involved all "faiths" and mostly, benefited Europe. Nevertheless, slavery was a tiered dynamic, which afforded assorted gradations to its members.

It would be more productive to view slavery within its global dynamic instead of attempting to place blame on limited sectors of the institution. One indubitable factor in solidifying the slave empire however, was the overwhelming effect of interdicting new projectile weaponry in securing these economic ends.

Left: Capital, Speculation and interests a virtual prison for your mind

Slavery was to old Europe what capital, speculation and interest represent today. Africa is still drowsy from the nightmare the system represented - notwithstanding the deafening reality of its vestiges and economic mutations.


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