Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zimbabwe Blueprint For Gaza

Left: Squatters are occupying white farms at the onset of the Land reforms in Zimbabwe. (Land Acquisition Amendment Act 2000) The white farmers owned much of the country's best agricultural land, which they mostly attained by decree of the British Crown and military incursions.

Israel must make it clear to Hamas that it is responsible for the deterioration of the situation. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni also stated that a large scale military offensive is a possibility in order to weaken Hamas.

The political and social engineering executed in Zimbabwe are the causes of the current collapse of the nation -- resulting in an unprecedented rate of inflation, (231,000,000%) which sees exponential augmentation hourly, rampant malnutrition and epidemic diseases that ravage the country. The ultimate aims of the European Union and the American government imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe were meant to weaken and remove the regime of President Robert Mugabe. These stifling international capital's low-level warfare are complemented by actions taken by institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which sought to pressure and impose a government amenable to the west on the people of Zimbabwe in the name of "democratic elections." In Zimbabwe we have another case of kill and murder the people in so legal means in order to save them according to the vision of outsiders.

Left: Political liberalization and ascension do not necessarily equal economic freedom. Rhodesia, named after the British conqueror, Cecil Rhodes, became "independent" in 1980 after a long guerilla campaign led by Robert Mugabe in the 1960s and 1970s.

In 2002, the fifteen member states of the European Union decided to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. Sanctions are war without guns and bloodshed, and have limited, if any, effectiveness for changing behavior or governments of target countries. We are now reaping the havoc of these sanctions as disease, famine races across Zimbabwe's communities with hundreds dead and thousands facing the threat of imminent death. As we witnessed in Iraq, where half million children died as a result of sanctions. Meanwhile, corporations made record profits and bureaucrats reaped millions in kickbacks on the buried backs of dead Iraqis. These capital enabling devices target to kill or injure infants, children, the elderly, and the chronically ill as well as the poor. The elite are never effected by sanctions, they are immune to the assault released upon a nation. Even if the object of these sanctions were geared toward the government it would necessarily, be the last sector to suffer because they merely redirect resources to withstand the onslaught, while the people remain defenseless.

The objective in Zimbabwe is not "democracy" and "economic recovery" nor is it the case in Gaza or Palestine in at large. The extreme impetus exacted in Zimbabwe and Palestine are undertaken in light of the interests of capital, and to maintain the viability of those benefits as well as control of the land and rule over the local political apparatus, which may be in a position to limit the value of these assets. In Zimbabwe the root cause of the ire of the Capitalists was the land reform legislation promulgated by the goverment. In Gaza it is the fear and hatred of the Palestinian people's claims to their land and natural resources, which Israel asserts is embodied in Hamas--"the hostile territory and the enemy entity." But have no doubt, whichever political configuration that represents the people of Palestine would pose a danger to the long felt dreams of Zionists for a greater Israel. Therefore, any elected Palestinian government must meet the extreme prejudice of the police power of the state of Israel.

Left: Israel is imposing collective punishment on the 1.5 million Palestinians of Gaza, who continue to face chronic shortages of electricity, fuel, food and basic necessities in the context of an ongoing campaign of military violence executed by the apartheid state of Israel to bring Gaza to its knees.

Israel is using its blockade of Gaza in order to turn it into a mirror image of the decrepit state of Zimbabwe to ultimately, point the condemning finger at Hamas and claim: "See they were in control and the place went to hell with economic destitution, famine and disease. They need us to control them in order to save them from themselves." The military and economic siege instituted against Gaza are crimes against humanity. This affront against the Palestinian people in Gaza is more vile than a blitzkrieg of bombs and machine gun fire precisely, because the method destroys in a protracted and deliberate manner indiscriminately--not merely lives but reaches deep into the soul to extinguish the very human will itself is a slow torturous annihilation.

Left: Israel retains control of Gaza's borders, coastline and airspace in a total siege and reserves the right to re-enter the territory at will. While the people are forced to live on handouts from NGOs such as the World Food Program.

The siege against Gaza physically closes the borders between Gaza and the outside world. In addition, there is a commercial siege: imports and exports are restricted and the limited amounts of products that enter Gaza are under stringent regulations. Israel has been able to mobilize its allies in the west to effectuate further pressure on the Gaza strip, stripping it bear with a capital and goods embargo. The cut off of water supplies, electricity and basic essential elements that farmers, hospitals and manufacturers need are causing many deaths and injuries. These encroachments have led to many hardships among the Palestinians. Moreover, the Israeli missile attacks carry on uninterrupted and continue to cause massive destruction and death. Not only do the Israelis kill civilians, they also destroy the agricultural fields and houses and other needed infrastructure such as power plants, sewage facilities and water resources -- these are war crimes and the world remains silent because the world bodies that could intervene are controlled by Israel and her allies. The Israelis feel that a Gaza capitulation is a fait accomplit -- they are prepping Gaza for a final blow in an imminent invasion. Ostensibly, the government of Israel will install a favorable administration in the wake of Hamas, which will facilitate their rape and expansion in the long view of a greater Israel. All in all, the situation in Gaza is horrific and getting worse all the time.

Various justifications and ploys have been used by foreign colonial settler elites and their supporters throughout recent history in order to manipulate the political and social landscape marshaling various forces for their benefit--divide, emulsify and rule. The realities of the Hamas and Fatah duality and clash are direct results of Israeli input to control the political milieu in Palestine. Israeli security departments nurtured the nascent Muslim Brotherhood, which maturated into Hamas. Thereafter, Hamas becomes a convenient source of evil to be pointed to by Israel in order to justify its oppressive machine against Gaza in particular and the Palestinian people in general. Israel continues to prop up Fatah through otherwise weak operatives such as Mahmoud Abbas, patronizingly referred to as "Abu Mazen" by his handlers in Tel Aviv. We are witnessing these maneuvers and manipulations in political and social engineering in harsh plain view in both, Zimbabwe and Gaza today--civilians are suffering and dying.


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