Friday, December 12, 2008

Violence On Women

Violence against women by their live-in spouses or partners is a widespread phenomenon, both in the developed and developing world, as well as in rural and urban areas, the most comprehensive and scientific international study on the topic has confirmed.
Violence is rampant across all cultures and is instilled from an early age. It is apparent until we're able to redefine violence to encompass its full panoply of implications in the relations of beings, the problem will remain with us.

The social dynamic of framing violence in subjective definitions is a major factor in its proliferation. We become more tolerant to ever increasing forms of violent actions as we are exposed to the ever expanding subjectivity. For example, although our food sources are strewn with violent acts, we've come to sanitize this existence within a linguistic sphere of niceties.

Therefore, this violent nature is laden with social obfuscation and justifications. Not only does the phenomenom involves framing and definitional leaps of social faith, but is also, endemic in our very existence. Can we not agree that death itself - even the process of birth - is a form of violence? We therefore, find ourselves in the greatest battle in any attempt to grapple with the eradication of violence.

Be As it may, we certainly, have the capability to mitigate the quantity and quality of violence apparent in the natural state of things. Until, we tackle violence at a linguistic level, the problem will continue to haunt our relation with the universe.

Violence is a serious, widespread social problem, which must be uprooted at its foundational thought process wherever possible.


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