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Beauty in the Beast - In Infatuation on persecution

Right: Israeli Supermodel Bar Rafaeli

How come some of the beasts look so hot, ready and inviting? And why are we able to procreate with them and raise their children? Money is no object to be objectified let love be rectified. I have other pressing and prescient questions, but I can refer to the liturgy of the seekers to enlighten possible avenues in reaching appropriate responses to those incessant queries. That is not to say however, that we should dismiss these theories off hand and continue to believe without questioning the status quo lexicon. As we all have come to know life was never better before 1948, innate the state may not repudiate. Juxtaposed somewhere between the end of history and the beginning of light unto the nations -- as G-d said let there be light the darkness was no more.

Left: Israeli Supermodel Esti Mamo (Ethiopian Falasha Jew)

Nor does it imply that anyone who strays from the norm is a freak who deserves to be ridiculed. But still, some resolution about the ability of these supposed shadowy beings' ability to genetically intermingle with humans need to be addressed. Furthermore, a certain measure of paraphilia, defined as an affinity or sexual attraction by a human to a (non-human) animal must exist. Nonetheless, love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Left: Israeli Supermodel Esti Ginzborg

Are we ready to accept the truth? Can you envision a powerful secret Brotherhood that's always been in charge of the wealth and power on the planet? They're playing the same old game. They're the illuminati the so-called Anunnaki and they've been using humans as slaves for five thousand years. Anummaki, Ashkenazi or even Nazi, who cares as long as it has an outright purpose and an improper source that we can endorse. If it is left of center right as well as being further in the core of conservativism and rolls off the tongue then let us sing the same old song--it can't be wrong. The beasts are emotionless and without sentiment and reside at the fourth dimensional level, they feed off the energy of low vibrational human emotions like fear, guilt, and aggression. The more of these emotions that can be stimulated, the more energy the sentients suck from humans to feed their power. Thus we have the encouragement of wars, human genocide, the mass slaughter of animals, sexual perversions, which create highly charged negative energy and black magic ritual and sacrifice, which takes place on a scale that will stagger the minds of those who have not studied the subject. This powerful and inhuman force that meddles in human events and feed off the people's bad vibes -- that is the reluctance to struggle foward with a common thrust toward the common good in the stead of worshipping the lustre of the few and powerful.

Right: Druze Israeli Model Doaa (Angelina) Fares

These elites do not have the interests of humanity at heart or in mind. Their sole purpose is to benefit from the suffering of vast masses of human energy -- that is all humans are to them. This state of our unbalanced social processes is evident not only with the downtrodden but as well as in wealthy communities of the world. Statistics about the increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of a global elite present solid economic evidence, while recent political machinations including natural disasters such as Katrina, unpopular and parasitical free trade agreements, tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens and apparently endless wars against already disadvantaged people clearly show that society is being manipulated. This situation creates huge questions that necessitates immediate and drastic action in order to save our world.

Left: Miss Israel (Palestinian Israeli) Sana Raslan

Indeed, infinite power is within every individual's grasp if one acts within shared consciousness -- the possibilities are endless if humanity could only tap into its spiritual divinity and throw off the yamulke yoke. We all need to believe, don't fight the natural urge of believing in the power, which manifests in possiblilty. This is a universality -- we all need to feel safe and protect our families, we all face the same dangers -- the point of our search all these years can culminate if we direct our strength to positivity and in extension defeat negativity thereby, cutting off the blood supply of the evil ones -- negation.

We all need efficiency, justice and balance. Why should it have been so lopsided for so many thousands of years? Why are millions of children dying just so a few bubble headed beasts can have their way? It doesn't have to be that way -- we can stop them with love. We must separate from negative energy and those reluctant to give up the endorphine like effects of addiction the elite holds on them through ephemeral but affable social gradation.

Right: Israeli supernodel Anna Zaikin

A simultaneous congruence of positive and nurturing energy must amalgamate among the enlightened to counterbalance the negative field of emotional tort, which is suffocating our earth, our bodies and our souls.

When a person has a strong hatred of another race, their higher self often (karmically) makes sure they incarnate in that race to balance them out. Thus many of the worst kind of Nazis have already incarnated in Israeli bodies, explaining therefore some of the fireworks which are going on and will go on in Israel. Similarly, many Ku Klux Klan members from the dark years of Reconstruction have incarnated and are now featured in the nation's top hard hitting underground and "gansta rap" CDs. There is no hatred being exhibited here, we just like to tell it like it ought to be told.

Left: Israeli Supermodel & actress, Gila Golan

it is a risk that must be taken if we are to evolve our perceptions and responses to the powers that try to control us. We must regard these possibilities using a multilinear consciousness and not try either to prove or disprove them in archaic Aristotelian terms. In regard to the dark elite, I must confess that being a highly intuitive person, I sensed some kind of cold blooded, beasty presence behind such horrific events as Columbine, Oklahoma City, Seven Seven and Nine Eleven. Whether this is a projection of common sense in response to communal tragedy or not really doesn't matter in the long run. It is how these perceptions and experiences are worked with in order to alleviate fear, maintain healthy connections with others and have the ability to go out into the world without fatal constrictions that obviate progress. As a child I had nightmares of aliens landing on the rooftop and proceeding to wreak their havoc and global agenda.

Right: Israeli Supermodel Shirley Bouganim

It is apparent our world has been taken over by blood- sucking beasts. Satan's minions and mason lodges of all degrees from outer space, deep underground and even fluctuations between different dimensions as they work and perfect their sinister plan. Ultra-natural beings working with an evil greedy elite perfect this threat by the hour and puts our democracy, our very lives in mortal danger. As a general rule, if your instincts tell you blood sucking beasts are nearby, this would probably be right. Human beings need to start trusting their intuition and living spiritually again in order to stifle these evil overlords and regain our liberty.

We are bounded and hounded by stories of explicit horror of the Holocaust conjured and cajoled by evil beasts with untold powers yet, they say we are in denial--they'd probably want to sell us the title deed to the Nile too. There is total control of all the arms of discourse from our schools to the mass media. All these processes of limiting ideas and association play a part in suppressing alternative information to the official line about everything -- especially of the Second World War, slavery and our common beauty.

Left: Israeli Supermodel Mor Katzir

How is it right that while this fierce suppression goes on, free copies of the bible and Adam Smith are given to schools to indoctrinate children with the unchallenged version of events? And why are those who say they oppose tyranny and demand freedom of speech, allow people to go to prison and be vilified, and magazines and websites to be closed down on the spot, for suggesting another version of history?

It should then be no wonder to estimate the motivations behind revealing the real reasons why particular researchers and historians are targeted with the ultimate label "Anti-Semitic" and other lesser labels such as "Neo-Nazi," "Racist" and "Conspiracy Theorist." Needless to say, the revelations imbued into the long struggle against human bondage by researchers such as David Irving, Arthur Butz and David Icke led to them being so labeled by the so-called gate geekers of morality and civic peace. Perhaps the unfair labeling of researchers as "Anti-Semites" and so on, lie in a hidden agenda to keep people from seeking the "truth?"

Right: Israeli actress and Super model, she is Adi Himelbloy

Or could this whole "Anti- Semitic" labeling be another "divide and conquer" deflection to keep us busy while the real nefarious global agenda of the Free- masons, Bilderbergers and other such stealth nobility is being completed? Any modality utilized in attempt to describe this slavery is dubbed as "code-words" for anti-Semitic setiment. The assault of the pledges of the Constitution continue unabated guised in a mantra of a contrived public safety marked by the war on terror and universal anti-speech legislation cloaked in conventions of fighting hatred.

Was the holocaust part of the Nazi plan to take over the world? After all, the holocaust was partially created by Jewish leaders, in order to create more support for themselves and for a Jewish state in Palestine, to be known as Israel. Still, there existed five million illegal immigrants in the United States, most of whom were Jews who supposedly died in the holocaust. No use looking in Hitler's ovens or gas chambers for them. Walk down the street of any American city, there you will find the holocaust. Get with the pogrom, haven't you read The Merchant of Venice? Adolf Hitler was heroic, he tried to rid the world of the usurious money changers and their choke-hold on humanity--so did Jesus Christ.

Left: Israeli supermodel Viky

Take away the Holocaust industry and the Jews are seen for what they are, a sneaky and snakey little beasty people, liars and land-thieves and sneak-killers who persuaded big dumb goyim to fight, kill and die for them and then robbed the pennies from the eyes of their dead victims, a race of con artists who have perpetrated the biggest frauds in history. Commander Rockwell once said, "If the peoples of the world ever come to understand what the Jew beasts have done, how they have lied to us all since the end of the war, there will be Jews swinging from every lamp post."

If you're going to be a seeker after truth, be a seeker after all truth, not just the bits and pieces you're comfortable with or which don't threaten the falsehoods you learned at your mammy's knee and which you clutch like Linus does his security blanket. An absolutely inescapable conclusion from the whole Holocaust fraud is that A) The Jews are scumbags without anything resembling a redeeming feature; and B) Hitler was right.

Right: Israeli supermodel Roni Duani

These are the realities you have left for us. Today's anti-Semitism is strongly related to Israel's occupation of Palestinian land and necessary brutal policing it dawned -- at least in polite and intellectually honest circles. Anti-Zionism, or more precise, those who are against the excesses of Zionism, do not dismis Israel's security concerns and the existence of terrorism, We merely assess a major portion of

We merely assess a major portion of the security trepidation and its attenuated terrorism as born of the occupation.

As a youth growing up in New York City I held Israel in the highest esteem - having hoped to do kibbutz. Even though, I attended Catholic school; my mother was a protestant and Jews were always holy in our home. However, how can I continue to show love and admiration for a people who have suffered so much who then a few years removed practice some of the same police processes we all learned to hate and weep over when we watched Holocaust films at a very young age? I understand that Jews will understandably hold a certain measure of skepticism toward other man. yet, I'm urging the Jewish people to let go some of those fears and depend upon your skill and blessings instead.

Left: Israeli supermodel Yael Bar Zohar

Providence and hard work have provided you with one of the best armed forces in the world. Why then should you feed resentment against Jewry as a consequence of Israel's brutal repression of Palestinians? Jews may have escaped involvement in Apartheid South Africa, but the world of information dissemination has changed and people are becoming aware. Many of us cannot hate but are compelled to voice our opinions against harsh Israeli methods. We need you Israel, we need your help Zionists--atone and stop the questions that must lead to a solution. Stop the occupation now, and reclaim your rightful covenant.

After World World II, the entire world of balanced and progressive thought was with Israel, and rightly so. All of humanity was vicariously responsible for the ills perpetrated against Judea and others. With proper compensation, balanced reparations and a nurturing of ameliorative processes of cooperation between the parties understaken, as well as representation with a view of implementing UNSC 242 we can end the trauma. After all, fifty-five percent as deemed by the United Nations has converged through various military edifices to become nearly ninety percent--as the hatred without the green line has similarly increased and the patience and empathy of observers around the world has turned against a very powerful Israel. There is a ready remedy and quick solution to this problem, it would adroitly involve the end of an occupation, which does more harm than good for Israel.

Right: Israeli supermodel Vika Finkelstein

Just pack up and leave, in a reverse exodus. How many Treblinkas will the systematic encroachment on Palestinian land force to occur--until one is successful? They cannot stop, they must not stop. Palestinians will fight in any way possible to them even though, they do not possess the sophisticated weaponry of Israel, they continue to struggle in the face of enormous odds. Thousands of Palestinian men, women, and children are being decimated. Palestine has become one huge ghetto -- a concentration camp. The Israeli government's destruction mechanism is operating very effectively--it is a machine. Palestine has become a place of death -- slow, deliberate and woeful annihilation.

During his keynote address, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu appealed to Jews to stand up against what he called Israeli oppression of Palestinians, charging that the separation fence is an "illegal wall that has encroached on Palestinian land," and that Israel employs practices that "even apartheid South Africa had not…for example collective punishment."

Do not go the way of Apartheid South Africa, evade the Nazi blueprint and refrain from becoming a pariah among the community of civilized nations. You will be ostracized, you will be boycotted -- organizations and average people will campaign to stop your hate machine -- we will divest from companies that have business connections to Israel -- Zionism a racist ideology

Left: Israeli supermodel Hen Arena Brownstein

God of justice, the God who is concerned with the oppressed, who is concerned with the Palestinians as the oppressed -- faith and blessing rest with the daily lives of all those who suffer under occupation, violence, discrimination, and human rights violations.

The Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is evil and unjust. It must be resisted for the sake of both the oppressed as well as the oppressors.

Occasional incidents of conflict are being hyped as a way of diverting people's attention from the real causes of conflict. While the real barrier to peace is the extremist Israeli government. But the Israeli hierarchy, together with fundamentalist Christians, have been successful in deflecting attention from the unjust policies by claiming that Islam is the enemy. For true Christians, the Israeli government is the oppressor, not Islam. Moreover, Jews and Christians have lived with and within Islam for 1,400 years and all of a sudden Islam becomes a religion of death?

Right: Israeli supermodel Anna Zaikin

The narrative Israel tells of itself on its 60th anniversary suppresses, distorts and essentially tries to destroy the Palestinian narrative of their own history. The history of Zionism has demonstrated that in order for an Israeli narrative to continue in Palestine, the Palestinians' narrative must die. If there is to be an Israel, there can't be a Palestine.

This 'founding' of Israel happened at a time when Palestinians were finally able to hope that they might achieve independence from the British mandate -- that they might achieve a state in which Jews, Christians and Muslims could live together. Instead, 77 percent of their land was taken away from them, and it became an exclusively Jewish state. So the dream for independence and a religiously pluralistic state was shattered and Israel now holds 90 percent of the land as their own and control the rest with an iron fist.

Palestinians don't feel that the events of the Holocaust, something that happened in Europe and in which Palestinians played no role, should allow the world to gloss over what Israel is doing to Palestinians. Does this give the Jews the right to persecute Palestinians in retaliation for Nazi atrocities? Is Israel willing to acknowledge its own wrongs against the Palestinians?

Left: Israeli supermodel Havi (Chava) Mond

For many years the Palestinians rejected the establishment of the state of Israel because it was founded on the denial and violation of Palestinians' rights.

They reject the contemporary alliance of Christian Zionist leaders and organizations with elements in the governments of Israel and the United States that are presently imposing their unilateral pre-emptive borders and domination over Palestine.

Will you continue to blatanly accuse anyone and everyone of being anti-Semitic because they dare to criticize these wrong headed and selfish policies of the state of Israel? Need I remind you who the real anti Semites are? Don't let the beauty distract you, it's accounted in plain view for you to extrapolate the difference between those who love Jews enough to caution Israel when it strays from the path of righteousness and those who will find any excuse and latch onto any branch or movement of human discourse in order to malign and destroy Judea. Those who in earnest seek only objective justice counsel against the brutality and the misuse of power--not a people or a religion. Even Jews who question the harsh methods used by the state of Israel are deemed anti-Semitic, stop this non-nensensical labeling, it only paints you as a mirror of your worst enemies in the Third Reich.

Right: Palestinian -Israeli supermodel Niral Karantinji

Israel is paranoid. The destruction wrought on Jewry by the Reichstad has turned inward into an inviolable fear reflex and hate complex, which must not be altered. Fear lives for the sake of fear and builds more fear while feeding a unending void of hatred even with more than 200 nuclear warheads and dozens of other fissile munitions at the disposal of Israel. These destructive sources expressed in state power are forces of darkness that undermine life itself. They must be repudiated and resisted with the full armor of all men of goodwill with the help of their God.

If the nascent Zionist movement was honorable and became an imperative after World War II and most of mankind was with Judea, then what caused the shift? Precisely, the reason this mandate from the will, love and regret of humanity has waned lie in Israel becoming corrupted by fear, hate and revenge. As the state of Israel becomes more powerful through these manipulative but awesome skills the Zionist movement steadily regressed into the very anti thesis of what it stood for one hundred years ago--fascist Nazism.

Left: Israeli Supermodel Hodaya Hohayon

Israel is a giant World War II memorial. Yet, she must withdraw from the lull of this mindset and move on to the present to a be a healthy and progressive millieu. The Arab world may never accept Israel as good neighbor and friend since the land was hijacked. Be as it may, that is no reason for Israel to continue to maintain this running sore on the face of its reputation. Why give ammunition to the enemy to defeat Israel in the public opinion sphere? That is exactly what Likud does in its vehement opposition to relinquishing any lands obtained as a result of war, which are in fact contrary to settled international law--Israel therefore, becomes illegal itself.

Israel should decide once and for all whether it is going to annex these lands and give citizenship rights to the Palestinians or give up the illegal holdings. As I mentioned earlier detractors of the Jewish people will find something new to use against Jews to vilify them, but the point is they will no longer have this very successful means of painting Israel as a quasi-Nazi/Apartheid state once Israel exacts the exodus. In this sense, Ariel Sharon was uncanningly, correct it was only his methodology and honesty that were lacking.

Sharon understood there is no need for a peace treaty, just give notice to world bodies and leave. Pay reparations, the United States will certainly help in this effort and be done with the Palestinians. In effect, Israel would regain its moral fortitude.

Right: Christian Palestinian Israeli supermodel Nurit Mosawi

Hence, if Israel is attacked after leaving the territories within reasonable parameters the world will rally to its side as they did during the September eleventh catastrophe in New York and Washington D.C. with the US. If the state is demonstrably attacked without provocation the world would laud your defense.

Although, time is running out, because the alarms raised by many Zionists, often incomplete in their analysis and weighed toward a Zionist view, which exculpates all the actions of Israel or seeks to ameliorate them within a dynamic of moral relativism, is becoming apparent, transparent and losing strength.

The aspirations and struggle of the Palestinian people are being hijacked by people who don't really have their best interests in mind. Neo-Nazis, Fascists and Supremacists of all brands are side by side with authentic objectors to the excesses of Zionism. Please do not allow this movement to grow and gain enough strength to eventually suffocate all the life out of Israel morally and through a calculated boycott of everything Israel. Sports events' boycott of Israel may be one of the next big steps toward achieving this ostracization. As it is, Israel has to play in Europe since it is seen as a pariah among the nations in its geographic conference.

Left: Israeli Supermodel Sari Givati

My personal view is even though the Holocaust took place in Europe, Israel served as a mitigating millieu where the Jews could again recast their emotional, spiritual and material affairs. It is not too much to ask the Palestinians to share the land with the Jews of Europe -- in the same vein it is not too much to ask the Jews to be human and submit to an order of justice instead of the current ordered justice they practice. Needless to say some in the area will never accept this and will not empathize with the Jewish people especially after the decades of Israeli aggression. Could Israel have spent all the sympathetic capital invested in it by the world because of its draconian death machine? We hope not.

Fret not, the intelligence and steadfastness of Jewry has ordained it with ultimate violence as an insurance policy. As long as Israel maintains its vast arsenal of ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines as well as other fissile munitions in its possession the state of Israel will remain inviolable--and the world will be with you this time. Let us hope together and change to a radical idea. Besides, what need would there be to attack Israel once it becomes a pluralistic instead of a racist state?

Either annex the Palestinians lands as Judea and Samaria to institute a regime of equivocal laws, freedom of religion and universal sufferage or wash the territories off Israeli hands. To be sure, the occupation only detracts from Israel and hues her in a negative light. The occupation has become an institution onto itself that has marshaled Israeli resources away from more urgent needs for its own deep void of human, spatial and monetary lust.

What does it matter if Hamas or for that matter, I don't recognize Israel? Israel exists! No one is asking Israel to recognize Hamas or anyone else. Why does Israel crave acknowledgement as if a rave? Israel has existed for sixyty years. It is not going anywhere--holy providence and the diligence of the Jews have seen to that. Besides, this insistence of a seemingly "hollow" recognition is merely semantical in that it adds nothing to Israel--what does it do for Israel?

Either relinquish the land or annex it within civilized norms of governance. But do something about this beast. There is too much beauty to be experienced.

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