Monday, October 20, 2008

Olive Trees Are Terrorists


In Judeo-Christian tradition, trees have been designated as evil.

After all, in the creation story it was the eating of the fruits of a tree that sent mankind asunder and endowed her with original and eternal sin, as well as death. Some men have been trying to exact revenge on the trees since.

In the scriptures we find the first reference to this psychological thorn in some men's mind in Genesis 2:9. "Thus Jehovah God made grow out of the ground every tree desireable to one’s sight and good for food and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden …" Again, in Genesis 3:24, it reads: "And so He drove the man out and posted at the east of the Garden of Eden the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life. (The tree is afforded more value than man herself)

This passage informs us that after Adam and Eve had eaten fruit from the forbidden tree that was planted in the Garden of Eden, named the tree of knowledge of Good & Evil, (which God had warned would bring certain death) Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden.

The heresy of the olive trees

These "evil" olive trees are also, frequently mentioned in Scripture. The dove from the ark brought an olive-branch to Noah (Gen. 8:11). They are referred to as as the most natable among trees of Palestine, where it was cultivated long before the time of the Hebrews (Deut. 6:11; 8:8). The olive trees are alluded to in the first Old Testament parable, that of Jotham (Judg. 9:9), and are named among the blessings of the "good land," and are at the present day the main characteristic trees of Palestine. The oldest olive-trees in the country are those which are enclosed in the Garden of Gethsemane. They are noted as an emblems of prosperity and beauty and religious privilege (Ps. 52:8; Jer. 11:16; Hos. 14:6). The two "witnesses" mentioned in Rev. 11:4 are spoken of as "two olive trees standing before the God of the earth." (Comp. Zech. 4:3, 11-14.)

The "olive-tree, wild by nature" (Rom. 11:24), is the shoot or cutting of the good olive-tree which, left ungrafted, grows up to be a "wild olive." In Rom. 11:17 Paul refers to the practice of grafting shoots of the wild olive into a "good" olive which has become unfruitful. By such a process the sap of the good olive, by pervading the branch which is "graffed in," makes it a good branch, bearing good olives. Thus the Gentiles, being a "wild olive," but now "graffed in," yield fruit, but only through the sap of the tree into which they have been graffed. This is a process "contrary to nature" (11:24).

Therefore, it is not merely the Palestinian people who need to be eradicated in order for the Zionists to rewrite history and establish a revisionist legacy in the land of Palestine, the dissenting olive trees must go as well, because they remain witnesses.

The Olive Trees Have Therefore, Become Terrorists Too, In That Sense.


Nablus / PNN – Fires set by Israeli settlers in southern Nablus olive groves are up this year, reports journalist Ali Daraghmeh. “This year settlers south of the city of Nablus burned about 3,000 olive trees. The settlers are also burning cars and beating farmers. This week four people were hospitalized.”

Ghassan, a local official in municipal affairs, described “masked gunmen attacking farmers in 33 basin areas in Salfit and 39 in Nablus.”

Israeli settlements in the West Bank are most often built on hills and then spread down. Palestinian agricultural lands are afflicted from the initial land confiscation to the eventual threat in the basin areas. Fields just beyond those overtaken are particularly dangerous.

Officials note that the coordination between the Israeli army and Palestinian residents does not provide security to the farmer. Ghassan said today, “The initial dates for protection were not abided under the pretext of the Jewish holidays and closures. We are in contact with each village under attack by settlements and monitor all ongoing damage. The reports go to the President and Prime Minister.”

The olive harvest season is meant to be a major source of income but yearly the obstacles increase. After the olives are picked they must be made into oil and taken to market, neither of which is undertaken without additional risk.

These wanton violations are clear indications of Israel’s continued war against the Palestinian people, against their lands and sources of livelihood, Israel is attempting to break Palestinian steadfastness. The Zionists have resorted to turning the land, the air, the water and the trees into terrorists too, in order to achieve their annexation aims.


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