Monday, November 12, 2007

Karla López - Spices up the Flag on Veterans Day

Left & Right: The beautiful Venezuelan model, Karla López, aka., (Karla Spice), despite working for RCTV was not well known until her blow out on the Internet where she has a few sites dedicated to her pictures and movies. Karla López has gained fame and popularity over the Internet because of her beautifully sexy, sensual and provocative poses. Although she has tens of thousands of photographs that are normally, judged as revealing, and arguably considered by most more sexy nevertheless, these two particular pictures of her are my favorites out of so many admittedly, great position shots.

Karla López recently, visited our troops at sea in the spirit of Veterans Day.

Ms. Karla López (Karla Spice), decided to visit US army troops at sea side, in order to show her patriotism and exercise support to keep the troops motivated and ready to carry out their duties. She was wearing a smoking hot tiny bikini in the navy's colors. One can clearly see the gifts she possessed and adorns underneath that sweet suit -- availing glimpses of a well kept and manicured body. Ms. López celebrated an early Veterans Day with our brave troops. Karla López brought a level of excitement to the troops as she smiled and waved to their cheers. She also took a brief swim around the ship and got all wet - it's the least she could do for her country in a time of war. Morevoer, feel free to enjoy her pictures below!

Born in Venezuela, Karla López moved to the US at the age of 6 - she has since become a full pledged American and is as sweet as apple pie when she salutes the stars and stripes. On this solemn Veterans Day, it's humbling and comforting to know great citizen patriots like Ms. Karla López are always ready to stand up and be counted doing their best to uphold our freedoms. God bless Ms. Karla López, God bless America!


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