Wednesday, October 29, 2008



The caption to this story reads:

BRITAIN’S white “underclass” should be given first pick of jobs to stop race riots on our streets.

Well now, since this is a well known tabloid, which features steamy babes for its reading public to salivate over and not much material for contemplation, then one may construe the picture and headline as a unit are intimating to the unfair nature and disproportionate number of fellatio received by the non white population in Britain. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Few of the readers of the Daily Star will ever get through the first paragraph on the byline. After all, a steamy babe with inviting boobs coupled with the idea of jobs in the context of a cheap skin tabloid may evince such acts of pleasure.

But in all seriousness, the article glosses over the fullness of the dependent quote:

She [The senior Minister of Equalities And Human Rights Commission, Harriet Harman] said she wanted to make sure more women and ethnic minorities got top jobs even if others were as qualified.

Reform and civil rights has more to do with the rise of white women, which is concomitant to the elevation of white families in general. However, only the benefits reaped by minorities are considered in formulating these types of short sighted views.

The "piece" continues:

But Sir Trevor, 54, warned that the plan would drive millions of voters into the arms of far-right parties like the BNP, which experts said would split the country.

This assessment is patently false precisely, because it doesn't account for the white women who have benefited from the these programs and who may be willing to vote for the party, which instituted the programs.

The rumblings continue:

“And in some parts of the country, it is clear that what defines disadvantage won’t be black or brown, it will be white. And we will have to take positive action to help some white groups, what we might call the white underclass.”

One would hope that the so-called white underclass of Britain is sophisticated enough to realize that those with the power to allocate the funds of the people do not care about race -- they merely, use race to solidify their hold on power.


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