Saturday, September 29, 2007

Political Puppetry: Afghani Act Staged Right

Left:Britain launched a "reconciliation" drive to undermine the Taleban after its strategists concluded military victory cannot be won
Below: Afghan President Hamid Karzai gestures

Is not this the way it usually, works in political puppetry? There are usually such compromises, co-opting or accommodation of the 'revolutionary' forces into an attenuated and austere polity. Historically, these types of pyrrhic imperial clienteles have been amenable to the exertion of force. Albeit, the insurgency must be able to militarily, fight the governing order to at least a standstill. Otherwise, there is no incentive for the sovereign and occupier to dislodge some of their usurped power.

The sycophant must acknowledge the big Taleban elephant in the hinterland. Although, Hamid and his masters shirk and besmirch the Afghani Parliament while dismissing their democratic voices however, they are compelled to listen to the loud laudations of bombs and bullets - they have no pallet for the ballot but will allot for the mallet.

Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistant offers to meet with Mullah Omar for
peace talks and government posts. President Hamid Karzai offered Saturday to meet personally with Taleban leader Mullah Omar for peace talks and give the militants a high position in a government ministry as a way to end the rising insurgency in Afghanistan.
"If I find their address, there is no need for them to come to me, I'll personally go there and get in touch with them," Karzai said. "Esteemed Mullah, sir, and esteemed Hekmatyar, sir, why are you destroying the country?"
"If a group of Taliban or a number of Taliban come to me and say, 'President, we want a department in this or in that ministry or we want a position as deputy minister ... and we don't want to fight anymore ... If there will be a demand and a request like that to me, I will accept it because I want conflicts and fighting to end in Afghanistan," Karzai said.

"I wish there would be a demand as easy as this. I wish that they would want a position in the government. I will give them a position," he said.
Above:Taleban guerillas - Below: NATO commander says Taleban could regain territory.

The Taleban could recapture territory in southern Afghanistan won by British troops in fighting this summer, Nato's commander warned yesterday.
General Dan McNeill, an American, said British soldiers had made "significant progress" in Helmand province but were facing difficulties securing gains and it was "likely" some of the ground would have to be taken again if the Taliban regrouped over the winter.
British soldiers have been fighting the Taliban at close quarters, especially in the fertile river valleys of northern Helmand. So far this year, 35 British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. The number of British troops in the area is due to increase next month to 7,700, more than double the initial deployment.

Above: As NATO shifts from a defensive alliance to a responsive organization, it is developing technologies and doctrines that provide commanders greater control over their assets.



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