Thursday, September 27, 2007

Palestine - Dance of excuses in meters of blood - libel

(stern gang, I hope you excuse me for saying so but your poem have neither rhythm or meter..)

PALESTINE - Dance of excuses in meters of blood - LIBEL

Children of Israel?
Forestalled forsaken covenant
Thrown down from your false altars,
slain gain each grain
Every meter Eretz Yisrael barometer
Horrendous horde with modern sword

Woe unto you Pharisees, oh hypocrites!
Instead of temples you build tombs
With will never stumble will not succumb
Claim the mantle of the righteous
If we could be in the days of our fathers
You are but prophets who profit from blood

As Rachel mourned for her children
So you butchered Rachel
Six core candles on your false altar
Praying for the next prey to slaughter
Silt Flesh slits and blood of innocents
flows in your flood of guilts
Head bowed at the wailing wall
Dancing steps of death as our tears fall

Babylon reborn house of Satan
From since to senseless to Eden
Manifest destiny
The premise stands
The promised sands
Evil manifests
From the four poles of the earth
Incantations ceremonious rebirth

O' Palestine enthralled
Wail onto Allah
Sing songs of freedom
Chant for liberation
And it shall come to pass
With grace wrest their trespass
from fear and from bondage
To surprise demise and rise
from the yoke of profit prophets
Fret not because of evil doers
The oppressor will cease!
Their golden city deceased!


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