Friday, December 12, 2008

Lebanon Aid Conference Is Anti-Semitism

Israel's war machine having devastated Lebanon's infrastructure, estimated between 3 and 4 billions dollars, wounding and killing thousands of its citizens, [priceless and irreplaceable] causing ecological disasters inland and on its shores, which will cost over a billion dollars to clean up, [that will lead to adverse consequences on medical health, including maladies and birth defects to both, humans and animals] be as it may, the Wiesenthal Center asks Sweden to address Israelis' needs in a Lebanon Donors Conference scheduled to be held in Sweden on August 31, 2006. The center warns the Swedes to guard against and to be aware of inherent anti-Semitism in excluding Israel.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, an anti-Semitism awareness group, on Wednesday slammed
Sweden's plans to host an international aid conference for Lebanon as "discriminatory," saying the meeting should also address the needs of Israeli victims of the conflict.
"What we're suggesting is that the point of reference for the conference be expanded to treat all victims and the two parties involved in the conflict," the centre's head of international relations Shimon Samuels told AFP.
The centre on Wednesday sent a letter to Swedish Prime Minister Goeran Persson asking him to change the focus of the August 31 meeting.

The conference has been called to coordinate humanitarian assistance and immediate reconstruction of war-torn Lebanon, and will be organized in collaboration with the Lebanese government and the United Nations, according to the Swedish foreign ministry.
"What we're asking for is even-handedness ... We think the conference should be multilateral," Samuels said, stressing "Sweden's tradition of neutrality."
A statement issued by the Wiesenthal Centre accused the Swedish government of "exclusion and discrimination."
"Sixty countries, aid agencies and NGOs have been invited to Stockholm on August 31 -- but apparently not the state of Israel, nor concerned Jewish NGOs accredited to the United Nations, such as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre."
Sweden is no longer neutral instead, it is a skewed anti-Semite in this warped view of Israeli reality. If coordinated efforts by more than 60 concerned countries and other civic entities succeed in addressing a humanitarian disaster in Lebanon [a poor Third World nation] does not include Israel, then it's no longer a humanitarian project. A metamorphosis occurs, which mutates this act of compassion into vile anti-Semitism. As if we in the US don't already subsidize Israel with our tax dollars and preferential trade deals. No, they want and need more. More Parks' sausages Ma, please! One, two for you and seven, eight for me!

The Israeli position that if the international community tries to help Lebanon they are then discriminating against Israel is completely, absurd and rests on a faulty logic of victimization. Is there any limit to the reach of anti-Semitism?

The United States can hold a donors' conference for Israel on September 11, 2006, in order to assuage their fears, while ours foment.

If there were institutional fairness and justice in this world, Jewish lawyers could not be currrently, filing pleadings in US courts to force Lebanon to pay for their losses during their war on Lebanese civilians.

Rather, the UN should be demanding that Israel pay Lebanon war reparations. However, the chance of such requisite resolutions emanating from a corrupt and nepotist UN or ICJ would be exceptional indeed.


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