Friday, December 12, 2008

Birth Pangs - Baby Lebanon aborted - with a monkey wrench

Nevermind the Birth pangs

"Rice speaks about birth of new Middle East."

US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice calls Lebanon's suffering "Birth pangs," i.e., an unbearable pain suffered to bear life. Above all, Rice would have us accept that this destruction of Lebanon is a miraculous "opportunity" for stability. So, I guess the contention is that Lebanon must suffer pain for this new democratic baby, which generals and think tank strategists have so conveniently, planned for her? After all, they do have a clear vision for a new and improved, fat free, low calorie Middle East, like they did in Iraq?

Does Lebanon want this forced pregnancy? I think not. But let me also ask, must Lebanon suffer these birth pangs because rapists are attempting to impregnate her repeatedly, (thousands or sorties entering the womb of Lebanon in the past 24 days) with huge missiles slamming her to bear this unwanted child, a democratic baby from (a)broad? I guess the land and seaboard artillery is mere foreplay and the 15, 000 troops are cuddling her with succulent kisses.

This is even more absurd when we consider that Lebanon just had a beautiful child of patriotism and home-grown democracy in March of last year. The Bush administration said so itself, when referring to the Cedar Revolution. In fact, Lebanon is one the rare successful endeavors the administration supported in the Middle East, unlike its debacles elsewhere. Every domestic and international policy initiative has been a total fiasco, including but not limited to, Katrina, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, etc.

Israel is brutal in its rape of Lebanon, and can't wait for a full term birth -- implementing "Operation [Cesarean] Clean Break." A ruthless procedure not to care but to destroy, not to nurture but to maim, not to bring life but to kill hundreds and wound thousands. Obviously, this baby will be stillborn because of all the trauma mother Lebanon has suffered. The rapist will kill the baby in order to hide its crimes, in a back alley, in the dead night, you say? On the contrary, on world wide media outlets in plain view, the Zionist State uses a monkey-wrench twisting and pulling with method and purpose, to bludgeon this baby.

It is plain for all to see, the world is held hostage just like we were in the build up to the Iraq War in 2003. We are forced to watch sadomasochistic Israel slowly, but assuredly, pull out baby Lebanon with a monkey wrench, blood drop by flesh drip, with screams and echoes of bombs as soundtrack.

This dismal diplomat Rice, is continually, shaking her head, grinning and mumbling incoherently and urging the carnage and criminal destruction of Lebanon on and on. Yet, indignantly, offers Lebanon "humanitarian aid." Well, wham bang thank you Ma'am. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation how about some viagra? A sustainable peace from a piece of "Ras" and "Bint" over. A few laser guided missiles ought to compensate, stout, straight and majestic as they penetrate, on target.

Secretary Rice maintains it is still too, early to stop killing the Lebanese people, still early to stop the bombing raids and "conditions" are not yet correct on the ground to have a cease-fire. Is it her opinion that the current time is perfect for the death of more Lebanese civilians?

"Rice speaks about birth of new Middle East."
A "raven" who "brings only destruction."

Al Quds (Palestinian Authority affiliated Newspaper) published the cartoon above satirically, depicting Rice pregnant with a monkey. Ynet News, hastily, ran to her rescue with nuances of racism.

The black widow
Black widow spider?
Black and a spinster
Outrage? Unflattering bestow
Must equal racism

To discredit Arab
Kibbutzim kosher kooshim
Niggard Triggers Stab
kowtow Israeli Zionism
Shrill alarm 'racism'

Back at the ranch
Even Sephardi "Kooshimism"
Original Jew branch
To Talmudic Judaism
Ethiopian Jew racism

A true Jew?
Indigo Shrew?


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