Saturday, December 06, 2008

OJ Simpson 'Payback' Sentence Of 33 years

'Payback:' OJ Simpson Sentenced To 33 Years -- Race Is Back

Left: Orenthal James (O.J.) Simpson

OJ Simpson was beginning a long jail sentence last night in what most Americans believe represents ' payback' for a notorious double murder he allegedly committed 14 years ago.

Fighting back tears, the former football hero and Hollywood actor begged for mercy from a Las Vegas judge before he was handed a maximum 33- year term on kidnapping, assault, conspiracy and armed robbery as well as other charges totaling twelve altogether.

The 61-year-old used the word 'sorry' four times.

Right: A shackled OJ Simpson listens as Judge Jackie Glass jails him for 33 years for 12 felony counts, including kidnapping and armed robbery.

The robbery incident coincided with the publication of the controversial book, If I Did It. A book, about the murder of Simpson's former wife, Nicole, and her friend Ronald Goldman, which was canceled by Harper Collins publishers after a public outcry.

The Heisman Trophy winner, ex-NFL star, hall of fame inductee and actor lived near Miami and has been a tabloid staple and a public enemy since his ex-wife and Goldman were killed in 1994. Mr. Simpson was informed by a memorabilia dealer, Riccio, that some of his items were being offered for sale and arranged a buy with the dealers in their hotel room.

Riccio testified during the trial, that Beardsley, one of the alleged victims, contacted him in August to sell a collection of stolen Simpson memorabilia and that he quickly contacted Simpson, Los Angeles police and the FBI.

Finding the police and FBI uninterested, Riccio said, he and Simpson ultimately came up with a plan to meet Beardsley in Las Vegas on the pretext that a buyer was interested, then confront him and take back the stolen memorabilia. O. J. Simpson and some friends then went to the hotel in order to retrieve the stolen property.

In August 2007, a Florida bankruptcy court awarded the book rights to the Goldman family to partially satisfy an unpaid civil judgment. The title of the book was changed to If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, and is being published by Beaufort Books.

Comments were added to the original manuscript by the Goldman family, the writer Pablo Fenjves, and the prominent investigative journalist Dominick Dunne. A civil jury found Simpson, an actor and former American football player, financially liable for the deaths of his wife and Mr Goldman in a civil trial. He was acquitted of murder charges in a 1995 criminal trial that transfixed America along racial lines.

Above: An all white Jury convicts OJ Simpson on all twelve counts (One of the jurors indicated "hispanic" on court paperwork)

The Judge and prosecutors purposely excluded blacks and allowed only whites who were angry about the murders thirteen years ago wherein he was found innocent. These jurors presumably were holding strong feelings about the audacity of OJ Simpson to have written a book in which he explained how he might have carried out the killings to sit and decide his innocence, guilt and liberty. More importantly, while the most severe charge brought with it a sentence ranging between three and thrity-five years, the erstwhile judge chose to settle the seethering communal vengeance against Mr. Simpson at 33 years. OJ Simpson being at the age of 61 years in essence means this is a life sentence. Well, at least the racists in America who doubted can now ease their trepidation over Obama's election and their fears over a black takeover of the country.

Left: Nicole Brown Simpson the one that would never go away and kept coming back to haunt OJ Simpson. Payback is a bitch

A subtext of a justice plot that got away and went awry, O. J. Simpson that is. The man finally got his boy. Take one, scene two, strike three, you're out, or should I say in. But still, O. J. availed too many theaters to rewrite the script. He should have left the country a very long time ago.


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