Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gaza Auction - Open Bids

Latest Gaza Casualty bid figures: 706 people dead
Side note: 3,125 wounded

Do I hear 707?

You're in your seat. You have your remote control gripped tightly in case the action dullens. The news auctioneer clears her throat and gavels the figures slamming facts of death, baby blatter and brain matter on the podium lens. The Gaza Massacre auction is ongoing.

There are demographic wars being waged in both, Israel and throughout the world's news media. It features passionate battles portrayed in sometimes-foreign languages, Some targeted audiences have hundreds of channels to choose from. Nevertheless, the cream will always rise to the top, by G-d blood is thicker than water.

Warning? Make sure you are already a fan, much of the images are graphic and depict scenes of extreme violence, which may not be suitable for young viewers. This is the tacit contract, assuaging your consent once the digital tuner hones in the high definition signal. Do understand these important market oriented stratagems. Before you're subjected to the sanitizing terms let us give special thanks to our corporate sponsors. We will be right back in a moment to foment the entertainment, turn up the volume and get your snack and soda pop.

Enjoying the modern Roman Coliseum as the Palestinians soon to be called Gazans are fed into the jaws of the F-16s, tanks, warships, helicopter gunships, artillery batteries and other such modern carnivore lions. Your living room is definitely a safe haven to take in a bid or two as to the eventual winning death toll. These terrorists hide in civilian population centers sinner, but the IDF provide high resolution video of precise kills. As usual, caveat emptor. preemptor wars do not come with warranties or guarantees. This is an "as is" transmission transaction for your consideration. Therefore, the responsibility is yours and yours alone to determine the condition of such pieces of flesh and pools of blood before you decide to bid on their time.

All absentee bidder interests executed without specificity collectively upon the lot of deaths even though you may simply be responding in interaction with an online or print medium. This utterly anonymous dynamic makes evident the inalienable democratic principle of the market place. The life bids and the hammer price as opposed to the minimum value of the people's collateral damage in Gaza as they pay the reserved price in their Palestinian reservations. The IDF does not intend to inadvertently influence the final solution bid, Foreign Minister Tzipora Malka Livni clarifies in worldwide news briefs. Yet, the occupation remains the original selling price. The number-crunching facts of the fast talkers of the Israeli pity Holocaust government sell death and destruction and invite you to browse liberally the dead bodies, but remember, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Fast Talking Auctioneer champion of heavy machinery


Live from Gaza feed BABY
There is a race war that goes on
But it is all about the pace save face
We are having to trace in that place in disgrace
Want a taste just in case?
Have you ever been drunk on blood in high def death?

We're going to interview into view all the combattants
It's going to be a great blow show
Your heart is already beating pounding sweating
Full access here this is absolutely out of control
Look cooked limbs look yeah direct hit
Bomb droppings and sonic booms tanks on the horizon looms

Come see mayhem here, hello mayhem
Apples apples get your beer here, extra extra
See hear read all about it
The sounds and images in sales pitch
Used to be people - vending corpses from home to home
The angry Arab streets those people shout our death
Singing in the rubble of one ton bombs all out of breath
Now, all over the radio, internet, television
Print or fancy little devices that fit neatly in your pocket

Oh ey oh, wanna buy a little fly-by, oy vey
Okay, gimme a bid, gimme a bid, I don't care. ONE
And a half, two-fifty thousand to 10 billion a year, Alright!
Let's start out with 187? What do think we can do?
Okay, 500, 5-and-a-half, whaddya say?
I thought you had your hand raised terrorist sympathizer

600-and-a-half, let's go for 700 700 right over here. 750?
800 you have 800 what? You have eight in Cairo
Oh, eight on the border that means 800 right? even in Arabic
Alright, I thought you ate people in their sleep I dunno.
Alright 800, let's hear it for 850, anybody?
A thousand from a rich Sheik in Riyadh
Can Amman top that? Where's your pride? Your faith?

A thousand from the keepers of the two temples
So everybody jump. Okay, alright 1000, one-one-fifty?
Is that right? You're in charge lemme hear an 1200
Let's go for 1200. C'mon lemme hear it for 1200 send a drone in
Yes, yes yes we're getting it--We've got 1200?
Good, good, good! Wait till we come to the cleanse bottom line

Anyways, we've got 1200? Need, 1250! What do you want?
We wanna go "TWO!!" double the Lebanon trouble bubble
Anywhere you want bring it on kosher style baby
1300, 1300 let's hear it for 1500. Silent bid Abu dhabi right on
Over there 1550? 1600? Why not go 1700 I dunno? USA made it
We got 1800? We're down to 1850, is that right?

1950 Yeah, boy ... wait till we get to the choice bodies
Alright 2000 remember if it's a head it's dead as smoke clears
Beneath the ground worth much more, wait a minute, 2009!
I ask, nay demand if there's anymore... 2500 over there square
Anymore bid? bed bled? Cast Lead? Okay, 2797 ... going once?
Notice we're stalling? Humanitarian corridor, UN envoys
2797 going twice...
Do I pay for coffins? Nah all included, as is baby! Alright!
2797 going three times
Three times, once...
No hands, no bidding? You're kidding those damn protesters
Okay, 2797 ... SOLD!!!

It's going to be more spectacular when we hit Iran Pakistan
There you have it, I hope you will enjoy and ask for more
Thanks again to all who made this wonderfully possible
Auctioneering profiteering liable probable parable limbo
It continues to be one fine batch of raw entertainment
May They rest in peace in pieces.

Do chics love this or what? Young little dudes want to be just like them--live GI-Joe military action figure!

On the first day, December 27, 2008, beginning 11:30 AM, local time, Israel auctioned off:

Ibrahim Al-Jamaj
Ibrahim Al-Jamaj
Isma'il Al-Husari
Isma'il Salem
Isma'il Ghneim
Eyman Natour
Eyhab Ash-Shaer
Ibrahim Mahfoudh
Abu Ali Ar-Rahhal
Ahmad Al-Halabi
Ahmad Al-Kurd
Ahmad Al-Lahham
Ahmad Al-Hums
Ahmad At-Talouli
Ahmad Zu'rub
Ahmad Abu Jazar
Ahmad Radwan
Ahmad 'Udah
Ahmad Abu Mousa
Ahmad Tbeil
Adham Al-Areini
Osama Abu Ar-Rus
Osama Abu Ar-Reish
Osama Darweish
Ashraf Ash-Sharabasi
Ashraf Abu Suhweil
Amjad Abu Jazar
Ameen Az-Zarbatli
Anas Hamad
Anwar Al-Bardini
Anwar Al-Kurd
Ayman Abu Ammouna
Ayman An-Nahhal
Ibrahim Abu Ar-Rus
Basil Dababish
Bassam Makkawi
Bilal Omar
Bahaa Abu Zuhri
Tamir Qreinawi
Tamir Abu Afsha
Tawfiq Al-Fallit
Tawfiq Jabir
Thaer Madi
Jabir Jarbu'
Hatim Abu Sha'ira
Hamid Yasin
Husam Ayyash
Hasan Baraka
Hasan Abid Rabbo
Hasan Al-Majayda
Hussein Al-A'raj
Hussein Dawood
Hussein 'Uroq
Hakam Abu Mansi
Hamada Abu Duqqa
Hamada Safi
Hamdan Abu Nu'eira
Haydar Hassuna
Khalid Zu'rub
Khalid Abu Hasna
Khalid An-Nashasi
Khalid Shaheen Raed Dughmush
Rami Ash-Sheikh
Raafat Shamiyya
Riziq Salman
Rif'at Sa'da
Rafiq Na'im
Ramzi Al-Haddad
Ziyad Abu 'Ubada
Sarah Al-Hawajiri
Salim Abu Shamla
Salim Qreinawi
Sa'id Hamada
Salim Al-Gharir
Suheil Tambura
Shadi Sbakhi
Shahada Quffa
Shahada Abd ar-Rahman
Sabir Al-Mabhouh
Suhayb Abu 'Iffat
Suhayb Abd al-'aal
Tal'at Salman
Tal'at Basal
'Aasim Ash-Shaer
'Aasim Abu Kamil
Abid Ad-Dahshan
Abd ar-Raziq Shahtu
Abd as-Sami' An-Nashar
Abdul-Fattah Abu 'Uteiwi
Abdul-Fattah Fadil
Abdullah Juneid
Abdullah Al-Ghafari
Abdullah Rantisi
Abdullah Wahbi
Arafat Farajallah
Azmi Abu Dalal
Isam Al-Ghirbawi
'Alaa Al-Qatrawi
'Alaa Al-Kahlout
'Alaa 'Uqeilan
'Alaa Nasr Ar-Ra'i
Ali Awad
Imab Abu Al-Hajj
Omar Darawsha
Omran Ar-ran
Anan Ghaliya
Gharib Al-Assar
Fayiz Riyad Al-Madhoun
Fayiz Ayada Al-Madhoun
Fayiz Abu Al-Qumsan
Camellia Al-Bardini
Ma'moun Sleim
Mazin 'Ulayyan
Muhammad Al-Ghimri
Muhammad Al-Halabi
Muhammad Asaliyya
Muhammad Az-Zatma
Muhammad Az-ahra
Muhammad Gaza
Muhammad An-Nuri
Muhammad Abu Sabra
Muhammad Abu 'Amir
Muhammad Abu Libda Muhammad Hboush
Muhammad Al-Mabhouh
Muhammad Sha'ban
Muhammad Abu 'Abdo
Muhammad Salih
Muhammad Tabasha
Muhammad Al-Habeil
Muhammad Abdullah Aziz
Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab Aziz
Muhammad Awad
Muhammad Abd An-Nabi
Muhammad Salih
Muhammad An-Najari
Muhammad Hamad
Muhammad Barakat
Muhammad Muhanna
Mahmoud Al-Khalidi
Mahmoud Abu Harbeid
Mahmoud Abu Matar
Mahmoud Abu Tabour
Mahmoud Abu Nahla
Mustafa Al-Khateib
Mustafa As-Sabbak
Mu'ein Hamada
Mu'ein Al-Hasan
Mumtaz An- Najjar
Mansour Al-Gharra
Nasser Al-Gharra
Nahidh Abu Namous
Nabil Al-Breim
Nathir Al-Louqa
Ni'ma Al-Maghari
Na'im Kheit
Na'im Al-Kafarna
Na'im Al-Anzi
Nimir Amoum
Hisham Rantisi
Hisham Al-Masdar
Hisham Abu 'Uda
Hisham 'Uweida
Humam An-Najjar
Hanaa Al-Mabhouh
Haytham Hamdan
Haytham Ash-Sher
Wadei' Al-Muzayyin
Wasim Azaza
Walid Abu Hein
Walid Jabir Abu Hein
Yasser Ash-Shaer
Yasser Al-Lahham
Yahya Al-Hayik
Yahya Sheikha
Yahya Mahmoud Sheikha
Yousif Thabit
Yousif Al-Jallad
Yousif Sha'ban
Yousif Diab
Yousif Al-Anani
Yousif An-Najjar
Younis Ad-Deiri



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