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So, The Zionists Have Invaded Gaza

Left: The incursion began under cover of darkness near Beit Lahiya near Gaza's northern border. As Israel used a multi pronged invasion involving its myriad military branches including its secret service attempting to depose Hamas. (Photo: EPA)

Heavy fighting has been reported between Palestinian fighters and invading Israeli ground forces in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night. The Israelis entered the strip from five separate entry points backed by helicopters, artillery barrages and tank fire and are moving to encircle Hamas and other resistance fighters in the interior. Meanwhile, Israel continued to bombard Gaza from the sea and from the air every 15 minutes.

The Hamas-affiliated television station based in Gaza, al-Aqsa, claim that five Israeli soldiers have been killed in the fighting, but an Israeli military spokesman said he had no information about casualties on either side. The IDF has claimed 13 Gaza defenders killed but this Israeli report has been denied by Hamas. Hamas asserted that the Israelis are killing civilians and not their fighters. The IDF with their censors have erected a formidable regime of a news black out, despite a Supreme ruling, which aimed to allow at least 10 international reporters into the Gaza Strip. Mum is the word I suppose.

Appearing on Al-Jazeera just after midnight on Saturday, Mousa Mohammad Abu Marzook claimed that “there are casualties, but they are of the people of the Gaza Strip, not us.”

I am appalled at this Zionist aggression--sheer wanton murder against the people of Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. But I was not surprised, this is the way psychos operate--it is the only course left to them as they are the lowest forms of propagandists and usurpers. They have become a psychotic bunch since World War II. Europe and the UN (read anti-semites and guilt ridden white folk who saw the partition as a good riddance and a result of pressure from influential Jewish interests in the USA, have metamorphosed these victims of Europe into a giant World War II memorial planted out of view in Palestine -- that is all this enclave of rage has become and no more.

Instead fo asking the Arabs to understand their historical plight and the hatred meted out against them because of their scholarship, steadfastness and business acumen, and share a future with them, the people who call themselves Jews rather chose to antagonize their neighbors instead ethnically cleansing them out of their homes. Of course there were retaliatory attacks as there are now, but these Europeans always had a monopoly on the tools of violence and were better trained as veterans of WWII era resistance movements and proper standing armies.

The Holocaust people shut down East Jerusalem and the parts of the West Bank they had not stolen yet in preparation for this dirty deed. I knew this incursion was imminent and the invasion would forward to assail Gaza. What else could be done to teach these poor people who is really boss? This it seems was the only avenue left to this eternal people forever facing annihilation from peasants with fire crackers as their tools of oppression. It was evident that a concerted terror campaign from the air, sea and artillery batteries just was not scaring the people of Gaza enough to impress on them to rise up and butcher Hamas--incidentally, who have run hospitals, schools, charities, orphanages and other social projects for two decades in the impoverished locale--have no fear, the mightily righteous IDF to the rescue--the world's most moral army.

The same strategy was attempted in the war on Lebanon in 2006. Remember Eli Yishai extolling then, that if Israel bombed enough civilians and their necessary infrastructure, they would say to themselves "the Jews are crazy" therefore, mitigate their resistance in kind (rabid Zionists).
"If Hizballah fires Katyushas, we have to deliver a severe blow to Lebanon's infrastructure, black out Beirut, cut off electricity, turn off the water, destroy bridges, halt industry and flatten entire villages. If there is horrible damage in Lebanon, they will say, 'The Jews are crazy.'"

"If Lebanese citizens pay the price, they will rise up against Hizballah. I have proposed that we damage infrastructure and flatten villages because Hizballah personnel must know they are not immune. That policy would have assured that Lebanese citizens would not permit Hizballah to live next to them," skillfully proclaimed Mr. Yishai.
Egypt should be held responsible for a material portion of this Jewish onslaught on Gaza. The dictators of Cairo, afraid of their own people, having had to suppress their expression of outrage against the 'entity's' attacks on Gaza in demonstrations with tear gas, beatings and mass jailing, was complicit with the vile plans of the Holocaustic government. However, the ultimate enablers of the decision to pummel Gaza rest in the US.

Left: IDF forces encroach poised to unleash their machines of death on the people of Gaza. (photo: Ma'an images)

Although, Hamas would have been in a much better position to defend itself, if Egypt had not stood guard at the Rafah crossing serving as "that shitty little country's" hired security agents, whereby preventing a normal and free flow of goods into Gaza.

Moreover, the Egyptians have lent political and moral succor to the Zany Zionists -- a crime deserving justice -- all traitors must ultimately pay a tax on treason. Jordan too, has been in the Camp of these murderers from Europe who are squatting in the Levant, while taking part in pretentious theater in their parliament by burning flags bearing the David Maugen insignia.

Saudi Arabia for its part, has made public ameliorative statements showing concern for Gaza to give a certain perception that they are "true Muslims" and do defend the Ummah in Gaza. However, this is mere subterfuge, as the "princes" of Saud have remained deep in the Zionist corner, laughing and dancing with them, while children. women and menfolk in Gaza are executed heartlessly.

Iran must win out in the outcome of this Jewish blitzkrieg to represent the only viable representative of the aspirations and rights of the oppressed Muslim people (special mention to Pakistan and may G-d keep them safe from harm in the new Hindu-Christian-Jewish alliance set against them). As the lazy opulent and unprincipled so-called leaders of the Arab countries become more exposed for their servitude and collusion with the Jews and their allies in the west. For its part, Iran has stood side-by-side with the resistance movement of the people of Gaza, as well as Lebanon who are seeking justice, besides meeting the wrath of the Zionists and their cronies through sanctions, threats and censure.

Notice that Iran doesn't allow the false Mossad initiated dichotomy of Shi'i and Sunni animosity to hue its duty as a Muslim nation. Let us not forget that it was Mossad false flag operations in Iraq -- a la death squads in Latin America in the 1980s and 1990s, in which the Zionist were intimately attached -- that served as a catalyst nursing the rampant levels of intra Muslim violence in Iraq. The Zionists create the terror to subsequently, emerge as peace makers and leaders bearing their military, legal and economic armies to present calm and defeat the terror they created in the first instance. Has anything significant changed in these past 100 years of Jew encroachment unto the lands of the pious Muslim people?

Jews in the homeland of the Palestinian people, I bid you the peace that only justice and restitution can avail and pray you will be watched over by G-d, just as all Palestinian souls are to be secured by our Creator. However, until such time you become wise enough to seek out these holy principles of love, liberty and justice, woe be unto you and may you never find a day of solace and security. Your weaponry will remain your friends, while the sea of humanity will continue to shun you as the political pariah you represent.

I also believe as a result of my deep faith that G-d will guard the weapons of Hamas so that they may defend Gaza with honor, faith and duty.

To Kill Sky, Sea, Land At Will
If You Will, Fill, Feel Power, Skill

This is the night when Birds of death descended
The Sea howled at us and spit salt in our eyes
Sand grains rebel cursing ancestors blinding babies
Cries of anguish languish strained on foreign altars
These not birds of hope nor bring life into scope
Birds of prey serpent usurpers demand to them we pray

This is the night when the sky shouted at us
Deeply we breath and use saliva sweat to mimic rain
This is how we cope and make our own great hope
Young, old and bold defy ailments seasons without reason
It is blue a boy shrieks no mistake it is gold some say
Fate by faith feigned slaughter sadistic reign

Fraud of a sea that continues to cheat augmenting its claim
Plausible deniability not money making murder scheme
Induced by fear consent to force death to belief
The olive trees rank and file bear witness to our seed
And softly slain the altered state of the police state
Yes terrorist leaves flowers of hate a beauty of existence

Sacrament sands ring echo another funeral procession
The death of an idea birth of a land without a people
Commune Communion Kibutzim you are just a crazy Muslim
Permit me to be clear, terrorist, teach children to hate and die
Your sacred emblems with pomp and precise angles
All partake in this deliberate elaborate swindle

Our sky, our sea, even our land, our history
In you that belonged to us even the graves you crave
our selves, future for fodder what about our fathers?
Which you opt to murder along with mind, land-mine
For your holy consecrated massacre to take hold incline
Enshrined as thine immortal, blood daughters of Palestine

Some day must come none can dim not even Gods of death
You will not kill all anymore some bemoan to kill themselves
Cause dearth of death for you and us insistence of resistance


Blogger northshorewoman said...

stern gang,
this is a profound post on many levels: breath of analysis, critical acumen, political depth, historical comprehensiveness, just passion and rage, and use of language.

I am stunned, breathless by the poem. Have you just written it? from feelings seeking release beyond the containment of sentence?

Thank you for taking the time to write this. Please write letters to the editor and enter other mainstream spaces to knock sense (gently) into the minds of the lost and inflicted (with none sense).

January 6, 2009 at 5:14 PM  
Blogger Stern Gang said...

Hi Northshorewoman :)

Thanks for visiting. Yes I wrote the poem instead of a continued list of Israeli mayhem wrought upon the people of Palestine. Yes there are other conflicts around the world, but none has lasted so long and faced such enormous odds as those faced by these poor people in the occupied territories.

Even Ghandi and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have been vilified by the Zionist as they contiue to paint their oppression as an aspiration for the security of the children of the Holocaust. Nothing it seems is sacred in the face of this Holocaust -- neither justice, law nor humanity.

It is ironic however, that the steadfastness of Palestinians have served as testament to will of humanity and inspire many people including to keep living as aspiring for higher state of existence. That is, their struggle emulates a certain beauty, which is inherent in all of us, in life, as much as it is obfuscated by those who would monopolize power using the most extreme tools of death.

January 6, 2009 at 8:30 PM  

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