Friday, November 07, 2008

Belgium Senator Faces Thought Crime Of Holocaust Denial

Left: Logo National Front party

Right: Senator Michel Delacroix in the Belgian Senate

Belgian Party Chairman forced to resign with threats of Holocaust Denial prosecution for singing song

In French, they sing "Ma petite Juive est à Dachau. Elle est dans la chaux vive. Elle a quitté son ghetto, pour être brûlée vive." (My little Jewish girl is in Dachau. She is in unslaked lime. She has left her ghetto, to be burnt alive.")

The video was screened on RTFB Belgium public television's midday news, where Delacroix was seen singing a song to the tune of, "l'eau vive" by Jewish singer Guy Beart, but with the lyrics changed to tell the story of a Jewish girl sent to the gas chamber in Dachau.


Michel Delacroix, chairman of the far right Francophone National Front party and also a Senator, has announced that he is to quit. Mr Delacroix is facing several legal complaints after singing a song dubbed racist and insulting to Jews. He is also accused of inciting hate.

The blind politician will only resign as chairman of the National Front party, not his seat as senator. The Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Fight against Racism is filing a complaint for breaking the law against denying the Holocaust. He could go to jail as many other europeans who dared to speak their minds. He will uimately be forced to resign his seat as a senator in the face of the wrath of the thought police if convicted.

The video above shows the senator singing with another government official. He is a member of the Flemish party Vlaams Belang (formerly Vlaams Blok), who was a local official in Mechelen. The other man singing with Mr Delacroix turned out to be Luc Van Keerbergen. Mr Van Keerbergen, who held a post in the social service department (OCMW) in Machelen (Flemish Brabant) has been terminated from the party. The Vlaams Belang party has recently mounted a media campaign to difuse their public label as a neofascist organization.

It is thought that Michel Delacroix was filmed singing the song at a restaurant while on holiday in Spain.

Josy Dubie of the Greens party said his counterpart in the Senate should be charged with denying the Holocaust: “It is an apology for warcrimes and genocide.”

Although, Delacroix has stepped down from his chairmanship position some want further action against him. An anti-racism campaigner said the video was made in public, in a cafe or restaurant.

“He is a senator with certain responsibilities. He knows the law and that makes our complaint all the more justified,” he said.

It seems that the sources of the video may have been his wife who might have used the video in her divorce case. A recently expelled member of the National Front party could have also been involved in the revelation.

The affair has re-opened a debate in the country on extremist politics and the legal restraints on them. Thought crimes continue to rise, who will be the next victim to go to prison for singing, writing, talking etc?


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