Friday, October 19, 2007

Canada: A nation of bigots?

In fact, a Léger Marketing study released last January found 47 per cent of Canadians outside of Quebec consider themselves at least somewhat racist. (In Quebec, the number is 59 per cent.) Another countrywide poll, this one from the Association for Canadian Studies, suggests Canadians believe conflict between Christians and Muslims will eventually overshadow the country's long-standing (if relatively benign) quarrel between the English and French.

Until very recently, says Nik Nanos, author of the SES poll, it was easy to defend multiculturalism because it didn't mean much to most Canadians' lives. "The issue is a little bit like the environment. Everyone is for the environment until you get into the details. Canadians are psychologically on board in having a cultural mosaic in our country. But when the rubber hits the road, there are concerns that people have as to the degree of accommodation.

French Quebecers have had a difficult relationship with multiculturalism long before the current, often pungent, headlines. Many Quebec federalists and sovereigntists alike believe multiculturalism, with its emphasis on racial and cultural identity, is a threat to the French language. Former premier Bernard Landry, among many others, has long denied the multicultural fact in Quebec, preferring instead the "intercultural" model emphasizing the dominance of the French language. Since the Quiet Revolution and the slackening of the Catholic Church's influence, many Quebecers have become knee-jerk secularists, quick to abhor any sort of religious meddling in society. The outcry over these incidents, they argue, is not evidence of intolerance, but comes from a simple desire for a secular society.

Except, of course, when this isn't the case at all. One of former PQ leader André Boisclair's many gaffes was to forcefully suggest the cross staring down over the National Assembly was archaic and should be removed; he had to backpedal after the ensuing uproar. And last week, the Quebec Council on the Status of Women proclaimed that in the name of a secular, egalitarian state, all public employees should remove their hijabs, yarmulkes and other religious symbols. The council made an exception, though, for the cross, when worn around the neck. Religious or not, Quebecers remain attached to their Catholic roots; even in Montreal, often regarded as a cesspool of vice and godlessness by those who don't live there, a giant, illuminated cross dominates the skyline. In Quebec, it seems secularism often extends only as far as the nearest crucifix.

Anti-Muslim sentiment is strong enough that instances of hate crimes against Muslims are up significantly, at least according to a recent report from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Commissioner Barb Hall cited "an enormous increase" in these types of attacks, many of which followed the Toronto-area arrest in June 2006 of 14 men and four youths for allegedly planning several terrorists attacks. In Edmonton, vandals weren't content with the usual breaking of windows and the throwing of eggs at the Canadian Islamic Centre; last fall, they left bits of pork scattered on the centre's doorstep.
What do Muslims have to do with this? Examine Hatuey, question Toussaint, counsel with Cespedes, hold a tete-a-tete with Simon. If that falters, excavate the bones of the Mayans, the Incas, the Plains' Indians, the Cinamarrons or the millions of Africans. From the tip of Brazil across the vast expanse of the Americas to Alaska, the Sub-continent, Africa as well as Asia...

Left: Provancher, the New Indian Commissioner to Manitoba: the French Emigrants in Tears, the Indian Tribes Jubilant.

The blight wrought by the missionary settler European who has multiplied and hued itself onto the new world preaching and practicing a dialectic of shadows, shades and Charlatanism is historically unparalleled - nuances of pigment theology has always been your strongest point. Yes you are great - indeed, magnificent murderers and plunderers.

Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mozambique, wherever the virus went it infected flesh, fern, land, sea and the air.

Hate is your pivotal resource and you certainly, possess plenty of it. Countless millions of dead people can attest to that.

As far as the so-called Jew, what we have come to attach to the term (the concept) is nothing more than a western construct. The Jew is inseparable from the carnage that met the people of five continents. Albeit, it was the Jewish Elite nevertheless, Jewish hands are as bloody if not more so, since Jews financed the horrendous project.

Left: Slave ships were material to slavery; particularly, since slaves dies en masse both, during the voyage and through inhumane conditions in the Americas. African slaves over filled slave ships, which sometimes were no more than converted cargo boats. The most important route of the slave ships led from the northern and middle coasts of west Africa, which fulfilled the demand from South America to the coast of the United States.

Leave the Muslims alone, they have enough to atone for. No need to use them as scapegoats for the ills, which western culture, religion and industry have created. Canada being a bastion of hate is normal and understandable in light of this absurd history.

Kahein said,
"Yeah, right. the world was one big old happy hunting ground before the evil white man showed up."

My converted Jew friend, do not forget that you and yours are merely, convenient honorary "white men" - through the device of capital. Economic conditions change, but you my Slav-Gypsy friend can never be a true "white man." As many salient "Jews" have realized throughout the ages, it's not wise to forget!

kahein said,
That's the best you can do, stern? that i'm not "white"? A minute ago you were denying the existence of "jews." Which is it?

I have never denied the existence of a people from eastern Europe who call themselves "Jews." You are free to continue to think you're a white man because you have access to the country club. However, the flames of the burning cross sheds ample light on this fallacy.


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